Three New Clips From ‘Old Dogs’


They have been in some of my favorite movies, and I pretty much grew up watching them, and laughing with them. I’m talking about the two main stars of the movie “Old Dogs”: Robin Williams and John Travolta.

The movie is about two old friends and business partners trying to figure out how to look after the 7-year old twins that are unexpectedly in their care. Does the title of the movie tell us that they will be doing the same thing that we are used to seeing them do? Will this be like “Daddy Daycare?” Or maybe “Big Daddy?” Probably, but, the clips below show us that it will still be a fun movie.

One would think that getting these two geniuses together would be a guaranteed hit, and perhaps in the ’90s this would have been the case. Yet, both actors have now had their share of movies that have failed at the box office. So, this brings up the question, will these “Old Dogs” have some new tricks in store?

One step in the right direction is with the cast. They have many comedians in this movie as well all all kinds of guest cameos. How did they manage to get Kelly Preston, Seth Green, Justin Long, Luis Guzman, Dax Shepard and Matt Dilllon all in the same flick? Also, I really love that they are not heavily promoting this movie as Bernie Mac’s last movie. He was a funny and talented actor and comedian and I look forward to seeing his scenes in this movie.

Another trick up their sleeves is making this movie PG: for some mild rude humor. Who’s is their target audience? Looks like they are going for all ages.

So, what do these two old friends do when they are placed in the care of twins. The clips show them going of to camp and child-proofing their home, all the right settings for funny disasters.

In the first clip, they have Justin Long playing a character that I have never seen him do before, and he is harassing the Robin Williams character.

In the next clip we see Robin William reassuring the beautiful Kelly Preston that the twins will be safe in his care, and John Trovolta is playing the accident-prone adult who doesn’t inspire confidence in her.

The last clip, “Baby Proof,” was my favorite. It brings together in one room four greats going at it.

“Old Dogs” hits theaters on Nov. 25.

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  1. Don #

    I might catch it on TV, but that’s about it.

  2. Alexis #

    “My beef is not with you old woman.” I LOL’d!