Trailer Talk: ‘Taking Chances’


“Taking Chances” is a movie I hadn’t heard of until today, and based on the trailer, it’s probably not one I’ll be seeing.

Justin Long plays Chase Revere, a small-town Revolutionary War re-enactor who discovers a Native American casino will be built on top of his town’s historic battlefield. He joins forces with the feisty Lucy (Emmanuelle Chriqui) and launches a protest against the project in hopes of maintaining the town’s place in history. But he doesn’t receive much support from the other residents, who think the casino will save their suffering town.

I’ve liked some of Long’s other comedies, particularly his hilarious turn in “Zack and Miri Make a Porno,” but I think this film looks a little bland, cheesy and predictable.

It’s unfortunate, because “Taking Chances” has a host of other actors who have proven to be funny in the past, such as Rob Corddry (of “The Daily Show”), Missi Pyle (of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”) and Keir O’Donnell (of “Wedding Crashers”).

“Taking Chances” (formerly known as “Patriotville”) is scheduled to be released Nov. 24.

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  1. 1

    It really does look pretty subpar.

  2. Kat #

    Looks low rent.

  3. Mary #

    I won’t see this.

  4. Lynn #

    I never thought Long could carry a movie on his own maybe I’ll be surprised!! Doubt it though… Wait… is that the girl from The Vampire Diaries.. what do you know?

  5. stargazer #

    Like him a lot. He was great in “Zack and Miri” and “She is not that into you” but this one looks bland.

  6. Mike #

    This film was made in 2006.