A Clip From ‘Serious Moonlight’


Meg Ryan’s career choices have been less than stellar since her “You’ve Got Mail” days. It’s hard to tell if her latest comedy, “Serious Moonlight,” will put her back on the right track or be just another addition to a long list of flops.

In “Serious Moonlight,” Louise (Ryan) thinks everything is fine between her and her husband Ian (Timothy Hutton). But when she finds out he plans to leave her for a younger woman (Kristen Bell), she is insistent they try to work things out — so insistent that she duct tapes him to the toilet and forces him to talk through their issues. Louise’s plans for reconciliation are interrupted, though, when an amateur burglar tries to rob their home.

The premise sounds a little absurd, but the film was written by late screenwriter Adrienne Shelley, whose last movie, “Waitress,” I absolutely loved. I think Shelley was a talented writer, and I sincerely hope her last film is a memorable one.

Directed by Cheryl Hines, “Serious Moonlight” opens Dec. 4.

In this clip, Louise finds out about Ian’s wandering eye.

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  1. Disco #

    I liked Waitress too, but I think I’ll pass.

  2. 2

    I’ll probably see it!