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Trailer: American Reunion

— by ALEXA MILAN — It’s been eight years since Jim, Michelle, Stifler and the gang last graced the big screen, but they’re about to head back to theaters for one more slice of “American Pie.” After the quest of high school friends to lose their virginity[...]

Chris Klein: The Auditions Strike Back

— by RACHEL COYNE — So … remember that painfully-embarrassing video of Chris Klein auditioning for “Mamma Mia!” that could maybe/maybe not have been real? Well, I guess we can file it under “real” as Klein has made a new video for mocking himself and that over-th[...]

Chris Klein Auditions(?) for ‘Mamma Mia!’

— by RACHEL COYNE — You know how you sometimes witness something that is so awful, disturbing and/or traumatizing that you just pray to your deity of choice that it isn’t real, while all the while feeling that it probably is real? Well, that feeling pretty much encapsulates[...]

The Top 5 Razzies Snubs

— by CAM SMITH — Sure, it’s one thing to get all up in arms over the Oscar nominations. They’re the industry-standard in terms of awards, and we all feel passionate about what encapsulates the best of any given year, and want to see those responsible for profoundly moving and wowing [...]