Chris Klein: The Auditions Strike Back


So … remember that painfully-embarrassing video of Chris Klein auditioning for “Mamma Mia!” that could maybe/maybe not have been real? Well, I guess we can file it under “real” as Klein has made a new video for mocking himself and that over-the-top audition. I guess he should be commended for being able to laugh at himself and trying to get in on the joke, rather than being the butt of it; it’s his best option to save any amount of face.

In his new (fake) video, we get to see Klein “auditioning” for roles in various films, with each audition featuring bizarre behavior and questionable name-dropping. For “There Will Be Blood,” he would rather drink your milkshake if it was strawberry, and he suggests they look into casting Molly Ringwald for “Dreamgirls.” The highlight for me was his extended ruminations on how he wishes Bill Paxton could be his dad and teach him about personal finances and the facts of life. Don’t worry, Chris Klein, 401k’s confuse me, too.

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