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Kevin Smith Wants to Retire After Clerks III

— by ALEXA MILAN — For a while now, Kevin Smith has indicated he plans to leave directing behind him. And for a while now, it seemed that the hockey dramedy “Hit Somebody” would be his last big screen directorial effort. But with that project now slated for television, “[...]

Kevin Smith Hosting Auction for Movie Props

— by ALEXA MILAN — Kevin Smith is “so, like, sick of movies and s–t,” according to a recent interview with LA Weekly. The comedy director has announced he’ll quit film-making after his next movie, and he’s going out on his own terms. Smith is currently[...]

Kevin Smith Wants to Hit Somebody!

— by CAM SMITH — As anyone who’s been following Kevin Smith’s Twitter feed, or his insanely hilarious Smodcast well knows, the man loves hockey. I mean really loves hockey. To a nearly unhealthy degree, some might even argue. In fact, he adores my country’s favorite athletic[...]