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Solomon Grundy: Exclusive Trailer Premiere

Hi, I’m Mattson Tomlin, writer/director of the upcoming film “Solomon Grundy.” Though many know him as a DC comics villain, Solomon Grundy’s origin goes before the DC universe, back to 1840 in the form of a nursery rhyme.[...]

Mattson Tomlin Discusses His New Project

Hi, I’m Mattson Tomlin, the writer/director of the upcoming film “Dream Lover.” Earlier this year, I came across something fascinating about dreams. There are people who show up rather frequently in my dreams who at one point were good dreams. Now, however, when these people show u[...]

Exclusive Interview: Director Mattson Tomlin

— by ALEXA MILAN — Need further proof of the power of social media? Look no further than Mattson Tomlin, a sophomore at SUNY Purchase’s film conservatory. He has a vision of turning the poem “Solomon Grundy” into a film, and he’s using the Internet to make it happen. He made[...]