Solomon Grundy: Exclusive Trailer Premiere

Hi, I’m Mattson Tomlin, writer/director of the upcoming film “Solomon Grundy.”

Though many know him as a DC comics villain, Solomon Grundy’s origin goes before the DC universe, back to 1840 in the form of a nursery rhyme.

The poem served as inspiration for my film, “Solomon Grundy,” which uses the structure of the seven-line poem describing a man’s life and death, then transposing it into a story of what happens when imaginary friends go wrong.

Here is the new high definition trailer for my film — shot for 15k by a group of student filmmakers — debuting exclusively on It’s Just Movies.


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  1. Ripcord #

    Very cool.

  2. kev #

    Looks like a cool movie.

  3. Adam P #

    Looks very interesting, the name sounded familiar and thats probably where I heard it from before, a comic book.

  4. 4

    Thanks for checking it out guys!


  5. 5

    Dude, I seriously CANNOT wait. That’s an awesome trailer.

  6. H Solo #

    That looks excellent.

  7. Ian #

    I love the lighting and color of everythinggg!

  8. 8

    The trailer could be entered in this trailer contest.

  9. 9

    And now it will be- Thank you Roberta!

  10. resim #

    This looks very interesting.