Fox to Distribute ‘Taken’ Sequel


Here is a tidbit of news I’m really excited to report. It is as much confirmation as a fan would need really, but we can now officially say “Taken 2” is go. Variety is announcing Twentieth Century Fox is set to distribute the sequel to Liam Neeson’s surprise hit.

I was pleasantly surprised by “Taken,” and watched it various times in the theater, then bought it on Blu-ray. It deals with a sensitive subject and the villains of the movie get their just desserts. I’ve watched it multiple time and can only speculate what a sequel will deal with. But, now that we know the man and what he can do, the stage is open for unlimited possibilities.

Twentieth Century Fox will be distributing in North America and many overseas territories. And EuropaCorp will distribute for France, Germany, parts of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Benelux.

Additionally, producer Luc Besson has also announced Olivier Megaton (director of “Transporter 3” and owner of the best name in the action movie business) is attached to helm “Taken 2.”

With the first movie making $226.8 million worldwide, it’s no doubt a large fan base is eagerly waiting for the sequel. I know I am.

What do you think? Are you excited to hear about a sequel for “Taken?” What new plots would you love to explore with this character created by Liam Neeson?

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  1. Jon #

    How about this plot for Taken 2?

    Remember the rich fellow who bought his daughter to be one of his sex slaves in his yacht? Apparently, that man has a son who’s a terrorist/extremist. Now this son is out to avenge his father’s death. He’s planned to hit two birds with one stone so to speak…

    Remember Liam Neeson’s daughter… she was an aspiring singer. She tried out for a singing contest and has reached the singing contest finals.

    The terrorist sees this as an opportunity to inflict terror in the US and at the same time avenge his father’s death by blowing up the theater where they’re hosting the singing contest finals.