Mattson Tomlin Discusses His New Project

Hi, I’m Mattson Tomlin, the writer/director of the upcoming film “Dream Lover.”

Earlier this year, I came across something fascinating about dreams. There are people who show up rather frequently in my dreams who at one point were good dreams. Now, however, when these people show up, the dream will always turn into a nightmare. I started to explore this idea, and in turn, have wound up here. “Dream Lover” is a story about a woman named Selene, a dream character who is slowly making the evolution from a good dream into a nightmare.

I’m currently in the midst of raising money via Kickstarter (something I did quite successfully with my last project, “Solomon Grundy”). My sincere hope is that as many people as possible can see this movie, which is why my kickstarter allows people to donate as little as $1 for a copy of the film. I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to hearing from you!

“Dream Lover” follows Selene, a dream character in a mysterious man’s dream. She is lost in the wasteland of his subconscious, and is struggling in his periods of sleep to get to the core of his dreams, where he is currently dreaming. Meeting different dream characters along the way, she starts to find the clues to return to the dreamer so she can resume her place as the good dream.

This project is a hybrid of an adaptation of my own dreams and nightmares, and the greek myth of Endymion.

The film is an extremely emotional look at inner demons. It will be shot on location in New York, with some soundstage work at SUNY Purchase.

While many of you may know me from my last kickstarter, some of you may not. I am a junior film student attending SUNY Purchase.

All of my work on “Dream Lover” takes place as I continue to work on my most recent film, “Solomon Grundy,” between classes and throughout school. Juggling two thematically tied, but vastly different projects, at once has been a blast so far, and I look forward to sharing the final product with all of you.

“Dream Lover” will be shot in January 2011. We are currently in the midst of casting the lead roles. The digital download will become available in May 2011.

This project is extremely personal and real to me.

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  1. Alexa M. #

    Sounds really cool! Great to hear an update from Mattson!

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