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Production has begun on Chappie

Sony Pictures Entertainment and MRC have begun production in Johannesburg, South Africa, on “Chappie,” the next film from writer-director Neill Blomkamp, it was announced by Doug Belgrad, president of Columbia Pictures and Hannah Minghella, president of Production for the studio. “Chap[...]

‘District 9′ DVD Bonus: Transformation of Wikus

— by ALEXA MILAN — From its ingenious viral marketing campaign to the original and thrilling final product, the low-budget sci-fi film “District 9” was 2009’s biggest surprise hit, scoring at the box office and with critics. Now, the first movie from South African director[...]

Under Review: ‘District 9’

— by ROB COX — “District 9” is an intriguing work of science fiction that, while cleverly imagined and well acted, has become more of a critical darling than it deserves. To be sure, first-time director Neill Blomkamp (who also co-wrote the screenplay) has crafted a decent[...]