Take a Peek at the Animated Horror Project ‘A.D.’

— by ROB COX —

“A.D.” is an animated horror project by video-game director Ben Hibon and writer Haylar Garcia. The most striking aspect of this clip (which, true to its “teaser” label, is painfully short on story specifics) is the dystopian tone.

Mainstream animation isn’t frequently paired with post-apocalyptic themes and, in that way, this trailer recalls last year’s “9,” another animated film that stood out for its post-apocalyptic setting and dark themes.

“A.D.” is darker still, though, with fleshless, bright-eyed zombies prowling a devastated landscape, dragging their victims behind as they stalk about, searching for fresh kills. Their sinewy insides are a reddish shadow against a darkened skyline, dripping like freshly-butchered meat. The ominous, throbbing background score finishes off the effect and it’s easy to see why this clip has become something of an Internet sensation in a short time.

This teaser represents a concept that these talented filmmakers are shopping around in hopes of finding a studio. I hope they succeed, as this clip suggests a promising, original production that looks creepy, atmospheric and adrenaline-laced.

If the prospective film lives up to this teaser, I can’t imagine horror fans or zombie aficionados will be disappointed.

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  1. Mo GB #

    I dug that.

  2. Disco #

    Interesting stuff.

  3. mg #

    I’d love to see it.I kind of hate teasers like this bc I end up hoping forever that it’ll happen.I’m thinking they’ll be another wave of zombie mania once The Walking Dead show hit the air and someone will bite.*pun intended*