The First Full-Body Image of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman


I’m in a good mood, so I’ll start with the positive. It was smart for Warner Bros. to get a full-body image of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman out to the public before a blurry or even-less-flattering picture got leaked. Also smart was the corporate synergy used in releasing the picture through Entertainment Weekly.

Now the negative … the costume looks awful. It looks like a cheap costume like you might find at a bad costume store. And the photo itself looks like one of those photo manipulations people create to show what an actress would like like in a role.

I could go on and on about how terrible it is, but a picture being worth a thousand words and all, you can just see it below.

Aside from the costume itself, the picture confirms my fears that Palicki is the wrong choice for the role. Of the actresses who screen-tested or submitted screen tests, I think I may have backed Shannon Elizabeth. I hadn’t thought of her previously, but when I heard she had submitted a screen test for the role, I became intrigued with the idea. Palicki, though, just isn’t ringing the bell for me.

What do you think? Does this picture make you want to see the show more or less?

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  1. moviefan #

    Ya I still don’t think its that bad, a good mix of the current costume of the comics and the classic suit. I would have kept boots red ad not blue. Also definately would have had a lighter shade of lipstick, but who knows if she will always wear lipstick and costume could end up getting slight changes from pilot to series. Also to folks I seen on other boards complainng it looks to cheesy/stripper like. They character suit in the comics some have a little cheese due to the factor of the age it was created in. But its not that bad.

    Also for the photo itself. This doesn’t show how its going to be 24/7. In different lighting and locations could look different. Plus with this photo its just a promotional photo done with a professional photographer. Which we can see light shining on the suit to brighten it more and the actress standing in front of a white/grey screen. So I wouldn’t ***** at it fully to we see it in the proper settings.

  2. Sherice Antoinette #

    Oh where to begin? I thought this project would be terrible and now this confirms it. This look would have worked in the 80’s but not post Xena. No. What we see on the left is a Halloween costume. Wonder Woman should be donning leather, not pleather or plastic. The colors are far too vibrant. The fabric too thin. The actress too soft. Adding pants won’t give her a tough appearance. Epic fail.

  3. Adam P #

    I think it is going to get crapped on no-matter what because they are remaking a series that people loved. The body looks great but she doesn’t have quite the right face for it.

  4. Andy Behbakht #

    I’m looking at a Halloween costume…are they serious? 🙁

  5. 5

    It has nothing to do with the previous series, Adam. This has simply been a case of one mis-step after another and the costume is abysmal all on its own. From the script to the cast descriptions to the casting of the lead to the costume, the development of this project has been poorly executed.

    If this show actually makes it on the NBC schedule, I sure hope it doesn’t come at the expense of something like “Chuck.”

  6. Ethan #

    I dig it. This is a comic book superheroine. I was afraid they’d try to apologize for that, and outfit her in all black leather or something. That’s not wonder woman. While this isn’t perfect, it is still a comic book costume.

  7. Bobby #

    She’s hot, but she ain’t Wonder Woman.

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