The First Two Minutes of John Carpenter’s ‘The Ward’


Insane asylums are automatically creepy no matter how you look at them in films, even in films that aren’t in the horror genre. Some of my favorite films involve a mental institution of some sort, such as “Girl Interrupted” and “Don’t Say A Word” (you didn’t really think I’d put “Shutter Island” in that category did you?).

I think it’s because the human mind is fascinating to me. But when it comes to scaring me, a scream fest that takes place in a horror flick is a sure-fire thing. To this day, I am traumatized by some of the flashback scenes in “House On Haunted Hill” — which wasn’t even that scary.

“The Ward” (starring Amber Heard) debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival back in September 2010, followed by several other international film festivals. It opened in the UK in January of this year and made it’s way to the US in April, starting at the Dallas International Film Festival and Philadelphia Cinefest.

We will be seeing a limited theater release on April 15 — which I find to be a horrible decision because that is the day “Scream 4” comes out. It’s not a matter of which film will be better, it’s a matter of one being a more than a decade-old franchise. There’s really no competition there. I will be seeing this film but I can almost guarantee it will be after I see “Scream 4.”

I am a John Carpenter fan through and through, and I think “The Ward” will deliver some of the root catalysts that make his stuff fun to watch as a horror fan. Crazy people and ghosts, the only thing scarier to me in horror films are kids. Yikes, I wonder if the writers threw any of those in the script.

And as a bonus, here is a look behind the scenes of “The Ward”:

. . .

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  1. Adam P #

    It’s interesting to see how they show the shattering of glass and images which could be a metaphor for the cracking of soomeones psyche or mind. I will probably see this as well…eventually