Season 3 of ‘The LXD’ Premieres on Hulu Tomorrow


Dance is a passion of mine. I admire dancers so much for their athleticism and their ability to convey a story through movement alone. Director and creator Jon M. Chu (“Step Up 2 & 3”) has done a wonderful job of bringing us this world known as The LXD exclusively on Hulu. Since the very beginning, I was hooked. He combined my fascination of dance with my almost fan-girl-geeky interest in comic book superheroes. What could have been better than The LXD?

The third season of “The LXD (The League of Extraordinary Dancers)” will start tomorrow. In the first season, we saw our main characters being recruited and we witnessed their special abilities in the second season, where we met more of the villains and the horrific dark side portrayed in their dance alone.

Chu has brought dance alive and has given each of these characters special powers in which The LXD members fight evil. The web series contains episodes that are only a few minutes long, but it captivates the viewer in such a way that when those few minutes are over, you will want to replay the episode again and again.

For the third season, Chu has decided to give us a back story of the rise of The LXD and the ancestry of one of its main characters, Trevor Drift. I cannot wait until the season begins. I am sure that it will be another intense dance sequence until the last episode.

Chu has captured the more modern krumping style native of Los Angeles to your more classical ballet and ballroom styles. Hip hoppers, ballroom dancers, contemporary dancers, to the robot “Madd Chadd” and even Harry Shum Jr. of “Glee” are cast members as well as choreographers. If you are a fan of the summer hit television series “So You Think You Can Dance,” now in its eighth season, you will see numerous alumni in its ranks.

If you haven’t watched the first two seasons yet, I suggest that you go to Hulu straightaway and view all the episodes so that you will be ready for season 3. If it’s been a while since you saw the last episode, or would just like to sit and admire the extraordinary talent that is The LXD, go back and watch those episodes again.

But until Aug. 11, feast your eyes on the following trailer.

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