‘The Mercury Men’ to Debut on July 25


As a kid, I loved all forms of the Science Fiction movies. I remember seeing Robby the Robot for the first time. It didn’t matter what the plot-line was, sitting in front of the television watching those black and white films always gave me a thrill. To watch these directors bring to life their visions, enthralled me even then.

Recently, I went to the St. Louis Con-tamination convention and met an actor introducing people to his new show. Who was this actor? Mark Tierno, who you may know from “Day of the Dead.” He was an extremely nice guy who is passionate about his work and his upcoming series, “The Mercury Men.” Listening to him describe the new episodes got me excited to see the show as well.

With one foot in the past and one foot in the future of new shows, is getting ready to roll out what looks to be an addicting series that is showing online only. Filmed in retro black and white, it has a crisp look about it that gives you the feeling that you are right along with the others fighting for survival.

Tierno plays Edward Borman, who suddenly has gone from having a worthless life of a mundane government paper pusher to be replaced by an intergalactic conflict. Now his two choices are to face them with League Captain Jack Yaeger or run for his life.

Captain Jack Yaeger (played by Curt Wooton) is an aerospace engineer who travels the galaxy to explore unknown worlds and life forms. Jack always has by his side the Lumiere, a revolver that fires bolts of condensed light. He has been dispatched to Earth to investigate the glowing men of Mercury while keeping Edward Borman alive.

“The Mercury Men” is written and directed by Chris Preksta, who oversees this modern cliffhanger series to SYFY. Premiering July 25, there will be a new episode every day for two weeks.

Do yourself a favor and check out the series on, where you can find wallpapers for your computers and upcoming news on this inventive new show. In the traditional sense of the retro cliffhangers, I have a feeling that each episode is going to leave me counting down the hours until the next episode.

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