The Top 5 most dateable male movie characters


It’s not hard to be perfect in a movie. Characters don’t have to snore, chew to loudly, be a neat freak, be so unorganized it’s dysfunctional, etc. If a movie calls for a romantic male lead then gosh darnit there had better be nothing unattractive about him.

Here is the list of the Top 5 Most Dateable Male Movie Characters. These men have little to no flaws, are charming, and provide hours of daydreaming material.

Before I give you my top five, here is a runner-up:

Lane Meyer (played by John Cusack in “Better Off Dead”) —
If you can get past the suicidal tendencies, Lane would make a great date. He’s got an offbeat sense of humor, can play an instrument (granted, it’s a saxophone), and is willing to ski a K12 slope for his woman’s honor. Just hope he doesn’t invite you for dinner at his folks.

. . .

5. Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith “The Pursuit of Happyness”) —
While Chris may not be rich at the beginning of “The Pursuit of Happyness,” he always remains devoted to his kid. There is nothing more attractive than a good father willing to do what he has to do for his kid. Besides being a great dad, he is also very smart and passionate. A good date with Chris would be having a nice dinner with some light debating or going to a kids museum with him and his son.

. . .

4. Gilbert (played by Michael Redgrave “The Lady Vanishes”) —
One of the more likable male Hitchcock creations, Gilbert does come off as a pushy jerk in the first few scenes of “The Lady Vanishes.” When Iris becomes part of a conspiracy on the train, though, Gil comes through to help her unravel the mystery. By the end of the film, we see that his bad boy act was just an act and that he is capable of love. A fun board game with some friends would make a nice date with Gil.

. . .

3. Roux (played by Johnny Depp “Chocolat”) —
Roux is a rebel, which automatically makes him sexier. Add the Irish accent and his guitar skills and he’s pretty much an unstoppable force in a woman’s daydream. He sides with Vianne when the town is against her and gets along well with Vianne’s daughter. If there’s anyone who can stop Vianne’s flighty nature, it’s Roux. Staying home and cooking together would be the ideal date with Roux.

. . .

2. Christian (played by Ewan McGregor in “Moulin Rouge!”) —
Christian’s winning attribute is his voice. When he uses song to profess his love, it melts Satine’s jaded heart. Christian isn’t afraid to stand up for Satine when he fear she’s being mistreated. After the lose of Satine, Christian remains ever faithful to her. And once again let me just point out this man has a great voice. A good date would be going dancing as long as it didn’t bring back any painful memories.

. . .

1. Mr. Darcy (from “Pride and Prejudice,” preferably played by Colin Firth, but Matthew MacFadyen will do in a pinch) —
This probably comes as a shock to no one. That’s because Mr. Darcy is indeed the most dateable movie character ever. He’s rich, has an amazing house, cares deeply about his little sister and friends, and is willing to disobey his aunt to be with Elizabeth Bennett. He is able to look past her family’s situation and accept Elizabeth’s flaws. Mr. Darcy is not without flaws himself, but after realizing how much he cares for Elizabeth he changes his standoffish ways and becomes the definition of civility. A swim in the lake at Pemberly would definitely be in order for a date with Mr. Darcy.

. . .

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  1. 1

    I agree with the Colin Firth one! Nice!

  2. Mo GB #

    I’d go with John Cusack in Say Anything as my No. 1. 😀

  3. 3

    Gotta say I thought Cusack in SA was a lock for this. Straight women are nuts for him.

  4. Robb #

    I agree. I figured Cusack would have a spot locked down. Cary Grant, too, if older actors were involved.

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