‘Wonder Woman’ Casting Calls Released


The casting sheet for the “Wonder Woman” pilot being produced by David E. Kelley has been unveiled by DC Women Kicking Ass.

Here is what they revealed about the characters and more. Before you read, though, note there might be some minor spoilers.

DC Entertainment / Warner Bros. Television/
Draft: 12/16/10

Exec. Producers: David E. Kelley, Bill D’Elia
Producers: TBD
Director: TBD
Casting Director: David Rapaport
Casting Associate: Lyndsey Baldasare
NY Casting Directors: Beth Bowling & Kim Miscia
NY Casting Assistant: Michael Rios
Start Date: March 15, 2011
Location: Los Angeles, Calif.




We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers, without regard to disability, race, age, colour, national origin, ethnic origin or any other basis prohibited by law unless otherwise specifically indicated.

[WONDER WOMAN / DIANA THEMYSCIRA / DIANA PRINCE] Female, late 20s to 30s. A kick-ass Superhero / Powerful C.E.O. / A vulnerable woman. Long flowing black hair, blue eyes. Amazon-like, muscular, an Olympian. The charismatic stage presence of a rock star. A crime fighter. Also, a real woman who yearns to live a normal life. She is accessible and appealing to all people, men and women alike…SERIES LEAD. ASP.

[MYNDI MAYER] Female, open ethnicity, 30s. Publicist, Press Secretary and Wonder Woman’s confidant and nurturing best friend. Worldy and edgy. Sexy and persuasive, her appearance is part of her strength. She is beautiful and put together – dressed expensively in the latest fashions, plus she’s got a bit of bite, clever wit and sass. She’s the prodder of Diana’s social life…SERIES REGULAR. ASP.

[ETTA] Female, open ethnicity, 30s. Diana Themyscira’s always cheerful personal assistant. A bit charactery , but real, pretty and effervescent. She is blindly devoted to Diana. She’s her unrelenting cheerleader, with unwavering, unabated support. On the vulnerable side, she sees the humble and sympathetic sides in everyone, including Diana…SERIES REGULAR. ASP.

[CEO HENRY DEMETER] Male, open ethnicity, 40s. Acting CEO of Themyscira Industries. Grounded, intelligent and deeply devoted to Diana. He runs the day to day operations of the company and acts like an Uncle to Diana although he could be a possible love interest down the line…SERIES REGULAR. ASP.

[STEVE TREVOR] Male, open ethnicity, 30s. A leading man Diana can’t look past. Good looking but a real man. An Army vet, he now works in the Justice dept…SERIES REGULAR, ASP.

[ED INDELICATO] Male, late 30s to early 40s. Stoic and tough, he is a liaison to the police department. Devoted and loyal to Diana, he’s blue collar, a no nonsense kind of guy. A chiseled man who subscribes to the old fashion rules of relationships – men don’t talk much. His job comes first and he wouldn’t make room for the possibility that there is potential romantic relationship with Diana…SERIES REGULAR, 10/13

Something that I didn’t get into in my previous article was the three identities Wonder Woman will have. In this version, Diana Prince is the Clark Kent disguise that wants to live a normal life. Her second identity, Dina Themyscira, is the CEO for Themyscira Industries. She also is known in the public as Wonder Woman, her third identity. The Diana Themyscira identity is very similar to Tony Stark, who is known in his world as the famous owner of Stark Industries and as the superhero Iron Man.

I think it’s going to be very interesting to see how this plays out. Being a CEO whose identity as a superhero is known in the public and also having a disguise to live a normal life is something that I personally think could work out. It’s nice to see a new approach on the identity part of a superhero.

One character that wasn’t part of the casting sheet was Wonder Woman’s nemesis, Veronica Cale. But this doesn’t mean that she won’t be in the show, maybe they will cast her after the first few episodes. The possibility that Veronica Cale isn’t going to appear in the new series is very small; a show about a superhero needs a villain. Or, perhaps she’s already been cast and the announcement will happen when they reveal the entire cast for these characters.

According to DC Women Kicking Ass, it seems the casting is going on as we speak in Los Angeles. Production starts March 15 and since it’s only a month away, this could mean that an announcement of who will be playing Wonder Woman should be revealed in a few weeks. An interesting point here is that so far when it comes to the casting, there hasn’t been anything mentioned as to only going for unknown actors (like “Smallville” did) so it is possible that the role of Wonder Woman could go to a well-known actress.

My two choices for Wonder Woman from Sherice Atoinette’s top-5-choices-to-play-Wonder-Woman-list are Bridget Regan and Erica Durance (those two also seem to be the most popular with our readers). Each of them would be great as WW. Durance, who has played the famous DC character Lois Lane for six years on “Smallville,” does have experience playing a DC character, plus she has mentioned her interest for Wonder Woman before. The thing that could stop her from getting the role would then be that she already has played a huge DC character, but hey, Chris Evans got the role as Captain America even though that he already played another Marvel hero, Johnny Storm/Human Torch.

Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming “Wonder Woman” series. In the meantime, discuss and leave your comments to the right. Who should play Wonder Woman? And has the revealed casting sheet raised your expectations for the return of WW?

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  1. Crash #

    Traci Dinwiddie, aka @GrooveGoddess would be a kickass Wonder woman!

  2. Anita Kunnen #

    I think Traci Dinwiddie should play wonderwoman see also
    She totally embodied Wonder Woman

  3. Anita Kunnen #

    Ps if you don’t know who Traci Dinwiddie is…
    see this
    muscular !!!

  4. elena morreale #

    Traci Dinwiddie aka @Groovegoddess would definitely be a kickass WW. She’s buff, she’s got the looks, she’s extremely talented and has a loyal following.

  5. 5

    Traic Dinwiddie for sure!! The long black hair, beautiful blue eyes, and she got the stage present of a star when she’s playing her African drums. WW all the way around.

  6. moviefan #

    Nice to see casting breakdown. I hope they select a good cast.

  7. 7

    Tracie Dinwiddie IS Wonder Woman, just take one look at her arms, her hair, her eyes.. she’s a walking, talking real-life version…

  8. staci barron #

    Why is Traci Dinwiddie not listed here? Should be!!

  9. Ripley #

    You want a strong woman to play WW. So do we. Traci dinwiddie can be very believable fighting crime. She’s like Xena, Elektra ((Jennifer Garner) and Nikita all rolled into one. Dinwiddie as Wonder Woman is no brainer! Fresh face for television who has a large following already. It would be a injustice to cast anyone
    else. So say we all.

  10. Lorrie Robinett #

    Traci Dinwiddie for sure as Wonder Woman! I would watch it just because of her! She’s great!

  11. Morganna #

    Definitely needs to be Traci Dinwiddie!

  12. 12

    Traci DinWiddie truly IS Wonderwoman – and I should know — I just shot her in the last film I did as one of our leads. Traci has it all. She’s IT. I’ve never seen anyone take better care of herself. She has the most remarkably toned and yet completely feminine body. She is TALENTED for days, but the most important thing about Traci is she simply has the most animal magnetism of anyone I’ve ever worked with. She is Definitely the perfect casting for this role.
    Nicole Conn
    Writer/Director – “Elena Undone”

  13. Darcy Jones #

    I am adding my support for Traci Dinwiddie as Wonder Woman, she would be perfect for the part!

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