Three Clips from ‘There Be Dragons’


“There Be Dragons” is based on true events. Written and directed by Roland Joffé, it tells a story of two men who start on a path together but go off in very different directions.

The story unfolds as a reporter Robert Torres (Dougray Scott) researches Josemaría Escrivá and soon discovers that he and his father were childhood friends and were in the seminary together. Josemaria (Charlie Cox) dedicates his life to peace and his faith, while Manolo (Wes Bentley) is caught up into the Spanish Civil War. He falls for a Hungarian revolutionary Ildiko (Olga Kurylenko) who in turns falls for the military leader Oriol (Rodrigo Santoro).

In the first clip, we have Josemaria giving advice on what to do on the current state of events. “God gave you a brain, reason and a conscience, so that you can come to conclusions on your own. Before rushing to act or changing the world work on changing yourselves.”

In the second clip, Oriol and Ildiko discuss books and what life has to offer through them. During this initial meeting, they discover an attraction to one another.

In clip three, Josemaria visits Manolo to console him and to offer his prayers and his concern. Manolo says he lives in the real world, unlike Josemaria. “We are born alone and we die alone, the rest in between is sentimental drivel.” The men are already on two very different paths.

“There Be Dragons” also stars Derek Jacobi ,Unax Ugalde and Pablo Lapadula and opens in theatres May 6.

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