Trailer Talk: ‘The High Cost of Living’


Could one horrible event in your life not only change your life, but also change it for the better? When not-so-nice guy Henry (Zach Braff) hits pregnant Nathalie (Isabelle Blais) and leaves the scene, it turns out to be a turning point in both of their lives.

In her first feature-length film, Deborah Chow has written and directed what looks to be a film on people’s choices in their lives which can effect their loves, dreams, hopes and their ability to be compassionate.

Henry is a drug dealer who, after the hit-and-run incident, tries to make up for it by befriending Nathalie, whose own life is unraveling. Unaware that Henry is the person who hit her, they find a soon find a comfort in each other as he becomes a guardian angel in her life. Henry’s life and past soon catch up him and his choices force them both to confront loss and love — and each has to decide whether it is all worth the price.

“The High Cost of Living” is out in limited release starting May 13.

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  1. Catherine #

    OHHHH This one looks really good, Lynn! Nice teasr article! Hope it comes out near me 🙂