Top 5: 2022 Documentary List for Congress


I am sending this list of five powerful 2022 documentaries to my legislators. I am also sending the list to selected columnists, politicians and people in the White House. Each documentary has well-documented, credible sources, first-person primary accounts, and a studied account of the opposition when available or appropriate.

Why am I doing this?

There are not enough minutes in a day for any of us to be an expert on everything. Perhaps some lawmakers are not even aware of certain perspectives on some of our most pressing life and death issues. But importantly, if any of these 2022 documentaries have information that is new to them, I hope they might be motivated to research them further and take a stand.

A documentary is a medium for either education or propaganda. Sometimes it may be a call to action and other times it is simply thought-provoking and insightful. Unfortunately, a documentary can also be misleading and incendiary.

A documentarian can use multiple legitimate sources, film several aspects about what is happening and provide opposing perspectives. Or, the filmmaker can tell one side of the story, exaggerate, or even tell blatant, incendiary lies. Almost always further research is warranted before we rush to judge.

A powerful, well-sourced documentary can propel us to further study and discussion, motivate us change our mind and even influence us to take action. After research and careful study, the following are my five top 2022 documentaries of political significance. They are listed alphabetically and linked to their official websites.

1. “Guantanamo Diaries Revisited”:
This film of forgiveness comes from the most unlikely source while highlighting the need to close this base down.

2. “Motherland” (warning: atrocities depicted):
The world stood still and let another Armenian genocide occur on Sept. 27, 2020. Even the media was largely silent.

3. “Navalny” (on Xfinity CNN On-Demand for free. Just ask your TV remote):
How about a prisoner swap for this guy?

4. “Retrograde”:
A review of the last 20 months in Afghanistan by a brave film team. History teaches.

5. “From the Hood to the Holler”:
A new AOC-like Kentucky politician, Charles Booker has got a few important policies to champion with strong reasons why. A new Barack?

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