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Miley Cyrus has seen her career hit highs and lows ever since she first burst into our homes with her hit television show “Hannah Montana.” She amassed drones of teenage girl fans — along with many parents who appreciated her family-friendly image. Well, little Miley Cyrus is all grown-up now and has lost the innocent demeanor in favor of more adult roles. She has been in a few decent movies, but now it’s time for her latest endeavor to hit the big screen.

“LOL” is a depiction of today’s youth, the culture in which they grow up and the implications on society when texting, social networks and instant messaging has given every person the ability to share how they feel or what they are up to every moment and every day. I might be making this movie sound far deeper than it actually is, but I’m just trying to find a deeper meaning behind the film.

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Cyrus plays Lola, a young teen dealing with everything from trying to dodge her annoying mother (Demi Moore), dealing with a cheating boyfriend, school-girl crushes and trying to find the right balance between family, friends, school and possibly falling in love once again. She is surprised when a friend, Kyle (Douglas Booth), catches her eye and she begins to have feelings for him. Trying to figure out her life and feelings, Lola is on a journey of self discovery and only she can decide where she will eventually end up.

In a world where we have things like Twitter, Facebook, instant messaging, cell phones and YouTube, everyone’s opinions can be heard and teens can get the wrong ideas about love, life, sex and friendship. When reality TV is anything but real and behavior seen on the “Jersey Shore” and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” is praised and laughed at by our youth, is it any wonder why kids are so conflicted when it comes to life decisions?

Miley’s young fans have been growing up with her and they will probably appreciate this film, but I don’t anyone outside that core demographic will be interested in “LOL.” I honestly think that it’s good for today’s youth to see movies that properly address what they are dealing with, but maybe someone like Cyrus shouldn’t have been the one to deliver the message. It’s sad too because there is a pretty good extended cast featuring Ashley Greene, Marlo Thomas, Thomas Jane, Ashley Hinshaw, Gina Gershon and Adam G. Sevani.

In any event, Lionsgate and Mandate Pictures have decided that “LOL” wasn’t worth a full release and due to a clause in the contract that it can’t go straight to DVD, the studios decided to silently release “LOL” without any real publicity this weekend. That put the film up against the Marvel’s “The Avengers.” The film will head to DVD at a later date.

What do you think of the film and its limited release? Did Lionsgate make a smart call or could they have had “LOL” release in more theaters at a later time? Leave a comment and let us know.

For more information and theater locations for “LOL” you can check out their official site or Facebook page.

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  1. Starr #

    Miley used to be wholesome, but now she’s become corrupt. I hate who she is now.

  2. Madrid #

    her career is fading into oblivion

  3. Cherrybell #

    It’s quite unfortunate that Miley Cyrus’s career has been at an almost stand still since “The Last Song” (or did I miss a film somewhere after that one?) I think that she’s quite talented but like many of her Disney compatriots has been typecasted (mainly for her Hannah Montana role) and is having difficulty in breaking away from it. I do agree that the ones most likely to go see this film will be those fans of her former alter ego.

  4. Lang #

    “LOL” is a great movie.