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With two films being released with the same basic story line (about Snow White), viewers worldwide initially wondered how Relativity Media and Universal were going to differentiate. Now that the trailers and various stills have been released, it is obvious that Relativity Media’s “Mirror Mirror” will have the more traditional take on the story with a bit of comedic relief.

In this version of the tale, the evil Queen is none other than Julia Roberts, who stars opposite Lilly Collins as the fairest of them all, Snow White. From start to finish of this trailer, I find myself chuckling at the Seven Dwarves, the tiny ping and sparkle as Armie Hammer’s prince flashes a smile, to even the fighting scenes.

If given a choice between this version or “Snow White and the Huntsman,” I would take my young one to see “Mirror Mirror,” for it seems to be more family friendly, and go on a date night with my significant other to see “The Huntsman.”

“Mirror Mirror” hits theaters March 30.

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    I like the feeling and the movie more from this trailer than the original teaser. Should be an interesting family film for sure. I am way more excited to see the adult Snow White and the Huntsman though.

  2. Cherrybell #

    Absolutely agree Adam.

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