Trailer Talk: ‘Shark Night 3D’


Did you ever want to go swimming and do water skiing in the ocean, but you found yourself afraid of being an hors d’oeuvre for sharks? What’s the next best solution? Find a place to vacation on a fresh water lake. That’s safe, right?

On a weekend vacation at a lake house in the Louisiana Gulf, seven friends find out the hard way that their fresh water lake isn’t so safe from sharks.

“Final Destination” director David Ellis brings his unique eye to what goes bump in the water. With a screenplay written by Will Hayes and Jessie Studenberg and starring Sara Paxton, Chris Carmack, Katharine McPhee, Donal Logue, Joel David Moore and Chris Zylka, this movie looks to have you leaning way back in your seats.

“Shark Night 3D” opens in theatres Sept. 2.

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