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“Glee” has been a global phenomenon since its debut in 2009 and it currently is nearing the second half of it third season. With the conclusion of this third season, a few of its seniors will be graduating. We know that three of the McKinley High alum have been divulged to be involved in season four to some extent that has yet to be determined. Knowing of these television graduations, we have seen cast members Cory Monteith and Lea Michele already branch out into movie roles — Monteith in “Monte Carlo” and Michele in “New Year’s Eve” — but fan favorite Chris Colfer, who plays plucky and flamboyant Kurt Hummel, has yet to branch off into his own solo career, until now.

Many don’t know this about the actor, but shortly after the success of “Glee” was apparent, this young actor wrote a few screenplays, sold a children’s book to Disney and is now starring in one of his very own movies that he also wrote.

“Struck by Lightning” is the first of his movies to come out and we have the very first trailer for you right here:

“Struck by Lightning” is the story of Carson Phillips (Chris Colfer) and it starts out, appropriately enough, with him being struck by a lightning bolt. He dies and the movie is then told through a series of flashbacks in his last living moments where he goes through and dissects his choices in life.

Carson Phillips is a teen with some serious journalistic aspirations, but when it doesn’t seem like he will get into his college of choice he begins to blackmail those around him to contribute to the literary magazine he has started in order to get his college application to stand out among the rest. His mother Sheryl (Allison Janney) is also trying to reconnect with her son who she is afraid of losing when he goes off to college. Now with every stereotype of student sufficiently blackmailed into helping him, Carson has the variety of lifestyles and personalities it takes to make a truly great and diverse magazine, but do things ever work out the way you planned when you’re in high school?

With an outstanding cast also consisting of Dermot Mulroney, Christina Hendricks, Rebel Wilson, Sarah Hyland, Robbie Amell, Ashley Rickards and many more there sure is a lot of star power in the film, but what the film’s success truly comes down to is whether an audience can accept Chris Colfer as something other than Kurt. From what I can see, his new character Carson is not a knock-off version of Kurt but a darker and more ambitious high school student.

I like the overall feel to the trailer. It’s very reminiscent of a John Hughes 1980s high school drama mixed with the offbeat humor of an independent comedy like “Juno.” I can see this film really playing well to teens and fans of the show “Glee.” I’m not sure how well it might do with an older demographic, but as far as I can tell, Colfer is a multifaceted talent who is sure to have many successes long after his time on “Glee” has faded.

What did you think of the trailer and your impression of the movie overall? Leave a comment and let us know.

“Struck by Lightning” is due to strike theaters later in 2012.

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  1. Laura #

    Very nice article. I stopped watchin GLEE long ago, though. it got horrible.

  2. Valarie N. #

    There is something about the Colfer’s face that I just don’t like. I’ll pass.