Trailer Talk: ‘Tenderness’


While watching the trailer for the crime-thriller “Tenderness,” I kept thinking, “This doesn’t look very thrilling.” Then the words “From the director of ‘Swimfan’ and ‘Hide and Seek’” appeared on the screen, and I understood why.

Russell Crowe dons what I think is supposed to be an American accent to play a world-weary detective who is obsessed with tracking a young man recently released from jail. Said young man was convicted of murder, and Crowe is convinced he will kill again, so he trails him on a journey to check out college campuses. Then this weird chick shows up who is besotted with the possible murderer and stows away in his car. And then I got distracted by something shiny and stopped paying attention.

“Tenderness” was apparently filmed a couple of years ago, but just purchased for distribution some time in 2009. It’s rumored to be in limited release on Dec. 11, but I can’t find anything to solidly confirm that. So you may have to wait for a DVD release to see this crappy-looking Russell Crowe movie. I’m so sorry.

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  1. Josue #

    A straight to video Russell Crowe movie? wow! looks good anyway!!

  2. Cam Smith #

    It pains me to admit that I’ve actually seen SWIMFAN and HIDE & SEEK, but it pains me even more to admit that I’ll probably see this too.