Trailer Talk: ‘$5 a Day’


In “$5 a Day,” con man Nat (Christopher Walken) tells his estranged son Flynn (Alessandro Nivola) he is dying of a terminal illness and wants to reconnect. Nat wants Flynn to drive to New Mexico with him to go to an experimental medical facility. In the below trailer, Flynn lets on that he doesn’t believe his dad — he thinks it’s just another one of his schemes.

However, Flynn still decides to travel with his dad in a Sweet N’ Low car, breaking into empty houses and figuring out how to survive on only $5 a day. Flynn, an ex-con man himself who just got out of jail, doesn’t seem happy to be going along with his dad’s shenanigans, but something tells me he comes around at some point.

Also starring Dean Cain, Amanda Peet and Sharon Stone, I think “$5 a Day” is bound to have a lot of laughs and a lot of heart.

$5 a Day” premiered in LA and NYC in April and is headed to DVD and blu-ray on Aug. 24.

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