Trailer Talk: ‘Adopted’


Angelina did it. Madonna did it. And now … Pauly Shore? That’s right, in Shore’s latest movie, he will stop at nothing to adopt a child during a trip to Africa.

“Adopted” is a mockumentary about the lengths to which some celebrities will go to adopt children from foreign countries. During a trip to Africa, Shore assumes that since Angelina and Madonna gained instant families through adoptions, he can do the same. He interacts with a slew of orphans, often with disastrous results, and offends pretty much everyone he interacts with.

Shore makes it clear on the film’s Web site that “Adopted” is a mockumentary, not a documentary, and that the “orphans” in the movie are actually actors. I think “Adopted” is supposed to be a funny commentary on how adoption has almost become a Hollywood trend, and while the concept is solid, I just didn’t find the trailer that funny. Maybe Shore’s brand of humor just isn’t for me, but the trailer didn’t elicit one chuckle from me.

“Adopted” is now available on DVD. Check out the trailer below.

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  1. Adam Poynter #

    I feel like Pauly Shore was brilliant during the 90s with these iconic roles and his particular sense of comedy and now it sadly seems like he just doesnt do it anymore!

  2. rosetta #

    Nice. I want to see this.

  3. 3

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