Trailer Talk: ‘A Crush On You’


Everyone has been a secret admirer at one point in his or her life. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a secret admirer, though. What happens when a mistake by someone else’s secret admirer becomes the answers to your dreams?

Ben (Sean Patrick Flanery) is in the park one day and sees what he idealizes as the perfect woman and deems it is in the stars he will see her again. When she sits behind him in a restaurant, he sees the stars aligning, and when he over-hears Chloe (Christine Scott Bennett) give out her email address, he writes it down.

When Ben gets up the courage to send an email, he types in the wrong email address and sends it to Chloe’s friend, Charley (Brighid Brannagh), by mistake. Although Charley is hesitant, Chloe encourages her to go for it. Will Ben’s charm win out and make Charley see a gift coming into her life?

It looks like Hallmark Movie Channel has done it again with a touching story on fears, feelings and the courage to overcome them to find the one that can make you happy.

“A Crush on You” airs on the Hallmark Movie Channel June 11 at 9/8c.

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  1. Adam P #

    This movie looks perfectly suited for the Hallmark of Lifetime channel. Its primary audience is focused on women of a certain age.

  2. Josh H #

    From Boondock Saints to the Hallmark Channel? Urgh.