Trailer Talk: ‘As Good As Dead’


In “As Good As Dead,” Cary Elwes (“The Princess Bride”) plays Ethan, a man who comes home to his apartment one day only to be kidnapped and held hostage by a right-wing fundamentalist group, led by Helen (Andie MacDowell). They think Ethan killed their leader years ago; he insists he didn’t.

The majority of the trailer shows Helen and her cohorts questioning and torturing Ethan about his supposedly murderous past. From the trailer, I’m getting the impression that the torture scenes may be a bit much for the squeamish; at one point, one of the kidnappers threatens to cut out Ethan’s eyelid.

Also starring Frank Whaley, “As Good As Dead” hits theaters on Oct. 8, and then it will be out on DVD Oct. 12. Make your own assumptions about this.

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  1. Adam poynter #

    Well, of course it makes you want to know if he did do it or not. I’m just thinking how would she know it was him if he wore a ski mask the whole time?

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