Trailer Talk: ‘Attack the Block’


A gang of teen-age street kids are gearing up to be heroes and stop the invasion in this hilarious take on what might happen if aliens out to take over the planet landed in your neighborhood.

The producers of “Shaun of the Dead” are doing up to their old tricks with “Attack the Block,” taking the seemingly frightening and infusing it with a great big dose of humor. In the trailer, we meet a gang who are alone in their quest to stop the monster-alien invasion as everyone around them thinks its just fireworks. As one girl asks, “Why would aliens come to South London?”

The trailer looks like a fun action-adventure with laughs and thrills galore. If you’re a fan of British humor and the unlikely hero saving the day, this should be a movie for you. Think “The Goonies,” but raunchier.

Directed by Joe Cornish, “Attack the Block” stars Nick Frost, Jodie Whittaker and Luke Treadaway. Gear up and get ready for the invasion coming to theaters May 11.

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  1. Robert D. #

    Wow I had no idea this film was even being made but I love Frost so I’m in. I think they need to advertise this just a little.

  2. Adam P #

    I was supposed to screen this a few weeks ago, but it was cancelled at the last minute. Looks like a blast.