Trailer Talk: ‘Book of Blood’


“Book of Blood” is brought to you by the disturbed mind of Clive Barker, who also made the very popular “Hellraiser.”

“Book of Blood is based on two short stories — one of the same name and the other called “On Jerusalem Street: A Postscript.” It is being directed by John Harrison.

The story centers on paranormal expert Simon McNeal (Jonas Armstrong) and Mary Florescu (Sophie Ward), who seeks to employ him as a medium. They want to study a home where a paranormal force literally rips a girl’s face off as you can see in the trailer. They suspect the house is at the intersection of “highways,” transporting souls to the afterlife.

The two end up falling in love and, personally, I don’t know how they could while an unseen force is ripping people’s faces off. Simon eventually gets attacked by ghosts as they carve words into his flesh and these words, claims the narrator, form the rest of the stories; stories written on a literal, living Book of Blood.

“Book of Blood” is a very sick and twisted paranormal movie and, even if you like this type of movie, it is probably at best a rental on Halloween night.

“Book of Blood” will rip your face off starting Oct. 26 on DVD.

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  1. Disco #

    Sounds TOO graphic for me.

  2. Ray Ocho #

    I dig it.