Trailer Talk: ‘Cash’

— by ROB COX —

“Cash” is an upcoming independent action film from director Stephen Milburn Anderson.

Before encountering this trailer, I hadn’t heard of “Cash,” but this clip has me stoked. Chris Hemsworth (star of the upcoming “Thor” movie) plays a young man who inadvertently comes into $600,000 cash when a suitcase drops onto his car from out of the blue — seemingly, as he puts it, “straight from heaven.” He takes it home to his wife, Leslie (Victoria Profeta), and the two go on a legendary spending spree. Problem is, the money didn’t actually fall from heaven, but rather, it was dropped from an overpass by a hardened criminal desperate to keep his ill-gotten gains from falling into the hands of police. That criminal is soon after apprehended and incarcerated; after all the trouble, you can bet he’s keen to retrieve his cash.

Enter Sean Bean, who plays Pyke Kubic, a career criminal who goes searching for the money. Chris and Leslie’s blasé, indiscreet handling of their windfall makes Kubic’s job easy. And when Kubic inevitably tracks the couple down, finding some of the $600,000 missing, he demands they cover the deficit. How? He takes them on a crime spree, forcing them at gunpoint to commit various, random armed robberies. Once the couple gets a taste of the money involved in these crimes, though, Kubic no longer needs to force them and the pair get caught up in a world they’d scarcely knew existed.

How far will their corruption go? Will there be any turning back? “Cash” looks like an intriguing study of the corrupting influence of money and the ways it can change people; it looks like a fun ride too. And is it just me, or is Sean Bean at his best when playing a criminal?

“Cash” hits theaters April 9.

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  1. mg #

    Sean Bean was pretty good in Outlaw too.But I guess he was still an anti-hero.

    This movie boils down to Fun with Dick and Jane only,without the intentional comedy.I’m still interested in seeing it though.