‘The Smurfs’ Get A Legendary Addition


In a move that has seriously dented his awesomeness quota in my books, Neil Patrick Harris has confirmed on his Twitter feed that he is indeed involved in the upcoming Avatar 2 … I mean “The Smurfs” Movie.

Initially reported by Deadline Hollywood earlier in the day, writer Mike Fleming seems to contradict himself. At once he says that NPH will be a “lead Smurf,” then continues by stating he will be a part of the live action portions of the film.

As we know the Smurfs are to be completely rendered via CGI.

Either way, with Neil Patrick Harris now on board, “The Smurfs” just got the tiniest bit cooler.

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  1. moviefan #

    Yea from what i read neil is playing a human character. Two are either a corp guy, husband to this female lead. Its cool he is in it. But i am not feeling what they are doing with this smurfs film. First making it in present time, and set in NYC. Over olden times in europe or what not the toon is. Plus is gardenal/his cat even in this film?

  2. Robb #

    Oh, Neil … you are better than this …

  3. Josue #

    This guy is awesome!! he will be an asset to this movie!!!

  4. 4