Trailer Talk: ‘Eternity’


There’s just something about … vampires. Maybe it’s the immortality, the propensity to bite necks, or the dangerous allure of them only coming out at night, but someone decided along the way, “Hey … vampires are sexy!” You could say the vampire craze started very early, with Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” and that Anne Rice helped revive the trend.

Now we’re living in a certified Vampire Renaissance, and it’s one that, I’ll admit, I got lured into. I read all of the “Twilight” series and enjoyed them… that is, until I saw the horrible movies, and until I started watching “True Blood” and found a more adult form of vamps. But Hollywood and the literary world have surely decided to cash in on everyone’s lust for vampires by creating more TV shows, movies and books about the bloodsuckers.

One such movie is “Eternity,” the story of vampire Billy (Andre Frauenstein), who hopes to find his true love. And he does — with human Jenny (Rikki Brest) … yes, you’ve heard this one before, up until this point. But then things start to get interesting. Jenny’s scientist father (Ian Roberts) accidentally produces a serum enabling vamps to resist the sun’s rays, and therefore let them “live in the light” with humans.

A war breaks out between two vampire clans, one that is more traditionalist and doesn’t believe in the serum, and another that wants vampires to be able to live with humans. The latter group is led by Borlak (David James), who uses his henchman to murder Jenny’s mother and abduct her father. To find Jenny’s father, Billy joins forces with a vampire hunter (Hlomla Dandala).

Phew. That’s a lot of plot there, a lot of which you won’t get from the below trailer. What you will see is that it’s dark (duh… it’s about vampires!), and that the love story is there, but the focus seems to be more on this vampire war. You’ll also notice it’s a lot more violent than the “Twilight” films.

It may be campy, but is it bad that I’m interested in seeing this? Maybe I was “glamored” into feeling that way, though.

You don’t have to wait an “Eternity” to see this new vampire flick. Get out your fangs quick — it opened in theaters on Dec. 24.

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