Trailer Talk: ‘Jingle All the Way’


All things considered, I’d rather wait until Thanksgiving is over to start thinking about Christmas. However, there’s money to be made in the holiday, meaning the festive season gets started earlier and earlier every year.

Hallmark has been playing original specials all month and one of the new ones, “Jingle All the Way,” is the animated tale of a spirited Husky puppy looking for a home at a Christmas tree farm.

Here is the official description:

    The pup instantly bonds with Andrew, a young boy visiting with his parents. As the boy rides away, unable to keep him, the pup escapes and embarks on a snowy journey to find his friend again. Guided by a wise cardinal and the sound of jingling bells, he eventually receives the help he needs from a big man in a red suit just in time for Christmas morning.

Christmas, animation and puppies — three things we call all agree to love.

“Jingle all the Way” will premiere on the Hallmark Channel on Nov. 25 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

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