Trailer Talk: ‘Mean Girls 2’


In 2004, screenwriter (which is just one of her titles, besides actress, comedienne and all-around Queen of Awesome) Tina Fey adapted a book and brought us “Mean Girls,” a funny, enjoyable comedy about those nasty popular girls in high school, starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams.

“Mean Girls” was pretty well-loved, but I didn’t think anyone felt the need for a “Mean Girls 2.” Apparently, I was wrong, because “Mean Girls 2” is coming straight to DVD (of course!) in 2011. I’m assuming this made Fey cry herself to sleep one night, as it should have … after watching the “Mean Girls 2” trailer, I can say confidently that having it go straight to DVD is a perfect choice.

New high school student Jo (Meaghan Jette Martin) is asked to befriend outcast Abby (Jennifer Stone). If she does, Abby’s father will pay for all of Jo’s college costs. Is that cruel or what?

Soon after starting at her new high school, Abby tells Jo about the Plastics, a group of apparently perfect, popular girls who rule the school, led by Mandi (Maiara Walsh). Jo decides that she and Abby will form their own group, the Anti-Plastics, and bring down the Plastics. One plot involves using some kind of concoction called “Easy Upchuck.”

There are many parallels between the two movies: Mandi becomes jealous that people like Jo, there’s a dude who I’m sure is a contention between the two. And, without a doubt, I’m sure Abby will find out about her father’s agreement with Jo, and Jo will say something like, “Yes, at first I was being your friend because of the money, but now I’ve grown to really like you.” Seriously, would anyone be interested in taking a bet on this?

Tim Meadows is back as the principal, which can only mean he had no other job prospects at the time. My main question is: when the first movie was so good, why even bother trying to make another one, especially if you are going to make it so similar to the first anyway?

Still really want to see “Mean Girls 2?” (Why, please tell me? Why?). Sigh. OK. You can pick it up on DVD on Jan. 23.

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