Trailer Talk: ‘Priest’


This movie is looking better and better.

I love the post apocalyptic world in which “Priest” is set. I love the fact that said world is overrun by vampires and that humanity’s only hope is a renegade warrior priest. Although some of the creatures in this trailer look CGI’d, they still appear to be pretty damn menacing.

Paul Bettany, who has a penchant for holy characters as of late, plays the warrior clergy man set out to save his niece from a pack of vampires (who kidnapped her) before she is turned. The legendary Christopher Plummer contributes to this fantasy and horror flick as Monsignor Orelas. Karl Urban — who looks like Roland the Gunslinger from Stephen King’s epic series of books “The Dark Tower” — is ultra villain Black Hat. Maggie Q’s Priestess is the welcome feminine yet badass element. Cam Gigandet is in the film somewhere as well along with Stephen Moyer, who surprisingly is not a vampire, at least in the trailer.

I can’t wait to see it.

“Priest” opens in 2D and 3D on May 13.

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    You said it, Sherice! This film looks extremely cool in a retro (even 90s) kind of way. I love the look of it – anamorphic cinematography and sci-fi art direction to boot. The trailer plays very well, with some great music and very cool set-pieces. It reminds me of several other films but I like the way they’ve combined them here. Can’t wait!

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