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“Twilight” haters might be skeptical of Robert Pattinson’s new romantic drama “Remember Me,” but people shouldn’t be so quick to judge. This looks like it could be Pattinson’s chance to prove himself as an actor.

“Remember Me” tells the story of bad boy Tyler (Pattinson) and quirky Ally (Emilie de Ravin), two college students who are both coping with family tragedies. Tyler and Ally bond and eventually form a romantic relationship, but Ally’s dad Neil (Chris Cooper), a police officer, thinks Tyler is trouble, causing tension in Ally and Neil’s relationship.

Tyler also has a strained relationship with his father Charles (Pierce Brosnan), a businessman who is too busy to make time for Tyler and his sister.

Sure, the troubled boy falls for quirky girl plotline may have been done before, but this movie looks like it could potentially have a pretty interesting story. Anyone who’s seen “How to Be,” an offbeat indie comedy that never received U.S. distribution, knows Pattinson is more than just Edward Cullen, and hopefully he can prove himself to a wider audience here.

The fact that Cooper and Brosnan were both drawn to the project gives me hope for it, as does the fact that it was co-written by Jenny Lumet, whose “Rachel Getting Married” was one of my top 10 films of 2008.

“Remember Me” opens March 12.

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    It looks good.

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    I hated this movie.

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