Trailer Talk: ‘Satin’


If you love movies with badly-dressed nightclub singers and actresses who used to grace ABC’s TGIF schedule (like I do!), get ready for “Satin.” In the film, Hamilton von Watts plays Jack Satin, a washed-up Vegas lounge singer. He loses his act and ends up booking a new gig in Atlantic City. On his drive there, his Cadillac breaks down, leaving him stranded in the desert.

He ends up in the small town of Lost Springs, where jazz legend Doc Bishop (Robert Guillaume) has turned into a mechanic, and Laura (Melissa Joan Hart! For real!) is a bartender who gives Jack a chance to play at her bar. You probably know where this one goes.

From the look of the trailer, Doc becomes Jack’s mentor, telling him to be true to himself, and Jack and Laura strike up a romance. But apparently, his Vegas past catches up with him. What does that mean — his horrible clothes grow legs and follow him to Lost Springs?

Jack doesn’t seem to know how terribly corny he is. Check out his plaid jacket and the red pants combo, in addition the musical note/keyboard shirt. Where does this man shop? But I’m hoping, with Doc and Laura’s help, that maybe he can tone it down a bit and learn to just “be himself.”

“Satin” — written and directed by Christopher Olness — doesn’t have a release date as yet.

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  1. Adam Poynter #

    Wow, just when you think the trailer cant get more random Melissa Joan HArt shows up, LOL!

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