Trailer Talk: ‘She’s Out of My League’


Once again it looks like the underdog is getting the girl. It’s a played-out tale, especially in the Judd Apatow era of comedy. “She’s Out of My League” has the nerdy beanpole and the smoking hot blonde that usually make up teen “coming of age” comedies, though the story isn’t taking place with high schoolers. Overall, “She’s Out of My League” doesn’t seem to be a groundbreaking romantic comedy.

The trailer below sets up the unoriginal plot for us. It begins with the main guy, Kirk, discussing with his friends why no girl will sleep with him (apparently he’s a moodle: a man poodle.) Then, by chance, he meets the girl of his dreams, Molly. Molly asks him out, because he saved her iPhone. Cut to a few dates, Molly’s discussing with her friend that Kirk is someone “safe” to date, and one or two slightly funny, totally expected moments. The trailer continually insists on stating that Kirk is a “5” and Molly is a “10”. And for those of us at home, the trailer tells us that we can get rated at the film’s Web site!

Most of the actors have that “I’ve seen him/her in something, but I can’t put my finger on it” career. This might be why they choose to act in this movie. Jay Baruchel as Kirk may be the most recognizable of the bunch from his previous Judd Apatow ventures.

All in all “She’s Out of My League” looks like a film that you can skip spending your money on. If, however, you do get the inclination to see it, the film will be out March 12 and stars Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, Jessica St. Clair, Krysten Ritter, T.J. Miller, Nate Torrence and Mike Vogel.

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    I really like Jessica St. Clair (she plays the pregnant woman). I may see this just for her.