Trailer Talk: ‘The Taken’


“The Taken” takes us to an all-too-familiar place, yet still seems to pull off a scary little horror flick. The place is an abandoned building where people seem to stray and get killed off one by one. Now, every one of us knows that in a horror film, when someone goes off alone, they will soon be hacked or slashed to death.

But, in this film, six strangers are taken against their will and wake up to find themselves in the presence of a very cool-looking masked psychopath. One by one, he rips them from the restraints they were held in and hauls them away to do some gruesome and very demented experiments.

In every horror film, they get a chance to escape. They must navigate through endless corridors and find a way out before the masked madman … well, you know what he’ll do.

I still think I would enjoy this movie even though the acting doesn’t look very good. It still has the appeal of that killer chasing you followed by a gruesome and bloody death.

Richard Valentine is the writer/director of “The Taken,” which has a TBA release date sometime in 2010.

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  1. Tasha #

    Sounds ok, that picture is creepy.