Trailer Talk: ‘The Other Woman’


For a long time, Natalie Portman has been one of my favorite actresses, and I think it’s because she has this wonderful ability to really display the emotions of her character, and make you feel them as well. I’m sure she’ll continue to hone this technique in “The Other Woman.”

In this adaption of Ayelet Waldman’s “Love and Other Impossible Pursuits,” Portman plays the complicated (and possibly controversial) role of Emilia, a Harvard grad who starts an affair with her married boss (Scott Cohen). He divorces his wife (Lisa Kudrow) and marries Emilia. They later have a baby, who tragically dies as a newborn.

Emilia wrestles with the overwhelming grief of losing her child, while also struggling to maintain a relationship with her stepson Jack (Charlie Tahan of “Charlie St. Cloud”).

This movie is sure to be filled with painful moments and emotions, but if executed correctly, those elements can make a great film. Portman has the chops for the role, especially more so than other actresses. According to IMDB, Jennifer Lopez was originally supposed to play Emilia. If JLo would have been in the film, I think it would have turned out to be a very different movie. I’m especially looking forward to seeing the under-appreciated, uber-talented Kudrow as Jack’s bitter (and potentially rightfully so?) mother.

Check out “The Other Woman” in theaters on Feb. 4.

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  1. Jen #

    I LOVE that picture. She is so beautiful.

  2. Bev #

    Boy, like the Kidman film, another lost child. Nice choice to do this trailer. But the topic is so dismail, no matter how much I respect Portman, I just can’t rally enthusiasm. I bet it is a meaningful film, too. But the adultry and then the lost child… Portman will have to be truly inspiring to pull this off.

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