Trailer Talk: ‘The Rebound’


It’s hard for me to picture Catherine Zeta-Jones as a suburban housewife, but not so hard for me to picture her as a cougar. In “The Rebound,” audiences will get to see her as both.

Zeta-Jones plays Sandy, a 40-year-old who discovers her husband is cheating on her by seeing the liaison herself as she watches her son’s birthday party video. Horrified, she takes her kids and moves them to New York, where they all have to get used to the city (by getting flashed by a homeless man!), and Sandy gets back in the dating game (she gets worked on by her chiropractor date — and not in a sexy way either).

Sandy needs a nanny and hires 25-year-old Aram (Justin Bartha, the groom from “The Hangover”). The kids love him, and Sandy finds herself insanely attracted to him. One night they throw their work relationship out the window, and the next morning the kids find Mommy and their nanny naked together on the couch. Very responsible.

The kids want to know what’s going on, as do Sandy’s friends. It turns out that it may not just be a physical thing — Sandy thinks she’s falling for Aram. But she doesn’t know if she can get over the age difference. After all, as she yells at him on an NYC street, “You read Harry Potter in your spare time!” Sandy, it could be worse. Just make sure he doesn’t whip out the Pokemon trading cards and I think you’ll be fine.

Watch Zeta-Jones rebound sometime in 2010 (no confirmation on an exact release date).

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  1. Jen #

    I could see myself watching this.

  2. Disco #

    I’ve seen worse.

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