Trailer: The Cabin In The Woods


Isolated woods, a group of friends on a trip together, yes ladies and gentlemen, that is the official recipe for a horror film.

Normally, I would not be amused by the mundane, stereotypical plot of this nature, but “Cabin in the Woods” has something a little special about it that is showcased in the trailer. These friends aren’t as alone as they thought, and it’s not just the creepy surroundings and potential for ghosts, goblins, demons, what have you — they are being watched by people. And to make it interesting, not only are they being watched, they are being contained by some sort of electronic barrier, nothing gets out and nothing gets in.

This film has been highly anticipated by horror-goers, myself included, and initial test screenings went so well that more and more people are a buzz with the plot. I personally have made it appoint not to read twitter posts or Facebook posts about this movie. An official script copy hit the web and was wildly circulated and a few people that I spoke to that had in fact read the screenplay advised me not to even try to guess or analyze “Cabin In The Woods” or I would spoil a hell of a good time.

The plus about the publicity is that audiences become super amped up for the release, but on the downside, this only leads to disappointment. Judging solely on the trailer and official poster for the film, I must say, I am highly intrigued. The poster is alluring, and curious, it definitely makes me want to know more and understand it. The trailer has some corny one liners, and a ton of stereotypical scenarios but on the other side of the coin, it has some promise of ingenuity. I can’t wait to see “Cabin In The Woods” and for once I am going in with not much being known, I took the advice of people and hopefully it pays off and I am pleasantly surprised.

“The Cabin In The Woods” (from producer and co-writer Joss Whedon) has a release date of April 13.

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  1. Canucklehead #

    I think I spent the weekend there once, food was awful

  2. Cherrybell #

    Joss Whedon in my opinion is a great story teller. I am not usually a horror film fan, but the trailer does in fact have me intrigued as well.

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