Two Clips from ‘Biutiful’


In “Biutiful,” Javier Bardem plays underworld figure Uxbal, a single dad living in Barcelona. Uxbal is starting to think his days are numbered, so he is trying his best to secure his children’s future while also reuniting with an old lover.

Viewers won’t get too much more from these clips than we saw in the original trailer. “Give Me Your Hand” shows Uxbal’s devotion to his children and his promise to keep them safe (and also, that Spanish kids like talking about boogers just as much as American kids. Noted). And “Arrest” just shows Uxbal being arrested — for what, we don’t know.

Still, even though these clips aren’t too revealing, it still doesn’t deter me from wanting to see what “Biutiful” is all about on the big screen.

. . .

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