Trailer Talk: ‘Hachiko: A Dog’s Story’


Get your tissues ready, animal lovers, because even the trailer for this dog-centric flick is likely to make you shed a tear or two.

“Hachiko: A Dog’s Story” tells the tale of the close relationship between college professor Parker Wilson (Richard Gere) and his dog Hachiko. Every morning, Hachiko accompanies Parker to the train station and is there waiting for him every afternoon when he returns from work.

But one day, Parker dies at the university where he works and never returns to the train station. Hachiko returns to the station at the same time every day, faithfully awaiting his master’s return. As he waits there every day for the next nine years, he touches the lives of the community residents and gains national attention for his love and loyalty through a series of newspaper articles.

“Hachiko” may sound a bit like a Hallmark movie, but the film is actually based on a true story. The real Hachiko lived in Japan in the 1920s and 1930s, and today a bronze statue of him stands at Shibuya Station in the spot where he waited for his owner.

Sure, the film will undoubtedly be sappy, but I dare you to sit through it without bawling your eyes out. The inspirational movie also stars Joan Allen, Sarah Roemer and Jason Alexander.

“Hachiko: A Dog’s Story” arrives on DVD March 9, one day after an annual ceremony in which Hachiko’s loyalty is remembered at Shibuya Station.

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  1. Robb #

    Wow. I got the chills … looks amazing.

  2. 2

    OK. I did get tears in my eyes watching that. I can’t wait to see that. Dogs are so much better than people sometimes.

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