Under Review: ‘Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town’


I am a huge “Twilight” fan. I read all the books and have seen the first two movies. I anxiously awaited the release of “New Moon” on DVD last weekend and all the special features that were included with it. I studied all the offers from various stores — Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Borders, etc. — trying to decide which set of special features sounded the best (every store was offering different packages for the movie). I decided on Target’s offer, through which I got the “New Moon” DVD with a third disc of exclusive features and a “collectible” film cel. The deal also included an incentive for buying “Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town,” a look at the real Forks, Wash. That especially appealed to me.

The documentary tours various “Twilight” sites, such as the locations locals call the Cullen House or the Swan home. With the success of the books and movies, visitors to the small town have increased by thousands. Many locals have opened “Twilight” shops to capitalize on the attention. The 84-minute-long film also features fans who visit the area, especially during a town festival in September to celebrate Bella’s birthday. The police chief signs autographs as if he is Charlie Swan. And the hospital even has a reserved parking space for Dr. Cullen.

Sounds interesting, right?

Unfortunately, it isn’t. I can honestly say I was thoroughly disappointed by the so-called “documentary.” The film drags, especially when fans of the movie are interviewed. They all repeat the same thing over and over. The interviews of the locals are boring and some look as if they didn’t even want to be interviewed. The interviews of Quileute Tribe members were some of the most boring parts of the film. A person from MTV who was interviewed kept hyping fans of “Twilight” as the greatest fans ever, describing them much more favorably than “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” fans. However, as much as he kept calling “Twilight” fans “them,” it is clear that he is as big a fan of the series as anyone.

As a fan, I thought I’d get more of an inside look at Forks. For instance, why did “Twilight” creator Stephanie Myers choose this town for her books. I thought the film would highlight more interesting people or get into how the town has changed as a result of the books. Has crime increased with fans thinking they’re vampires or werewolves? Instead of an interesting look at the effect a mega-popular series has had on a real town, the documentary is little more than a fan piece slavishly devoted to the series. It’s no wonder Summit picked up the documentary — it plays like a PR puff piece that you might find as a special feature on the DVD. In the documentary, they talk about people who aren’t especially happy that their sleepy little town has turned into a tourist attraction. Why aren’t they interviewed?

Anyway, if you’re a fan, I suggest buying this used or renting it from a library if you want a “Twilight” fix. Heck, soon you will be able to buy my copy on e-Bay.

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  1. Christine #

    I agree! I bought this and was disappointed!

  2. Lynn #

    “Heck, soon you will be able to buy my copy on e-Bay.”


  3. Dani #

    I bought this and was bored silly. I thought it would be cool to see how it affected the town, but they really didn’t have enough on that. Way too much of the beginning was spent just talking about how great the books are and the end just felt like they were trying to justify the running time. It’s not worth your time.

  4. Allisonbh #

    I’ve been to Forks twice. It’s a one starbucks town. After you go to all of the twilight related areas on the lovely map you get at the welcome place you’ve killed an hour. I can understand a documentary about it being less than thrilling.

  5. Jen #

    I was disappointed in this doc, too. It was just a puff piece.

  6. 6

    Good review.

  7. annielicious14 #

    Thanks….saved me some money! Love the Twilight Saga though!

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