Has the ‘Superman’ Reboot Production Schedule Been Leaked?


The past couple of months, there hasn’t been too much news about the upcoming “Superman” reboot that was to be handled by Christopher Nolan. Unfortunately, as it was reported back in December, Nolan has decided to drop the Superman reboot for 100 percent focus on his upcoming and final “Batman” movie. But almost a day ago, Collider was given information from a reader about the potential and possible schedule for production of the “Superman” movie. So far, this hasn’t been confirmed by Warner Bros., but the schedule makes sense and looks very possible.

The following is what Collider was informed of, but before you read it, note that there are some minor spoilers:

    * Principle Photography begins Aug. 22, 2011 and shooting will run until April 2012. “Superman” will enter post-production May 1, 2012, and will continue until November 2012 set for release in mid-December 2012 (14 to 21) [Date still TBC].

    * Principle Photography will start in [Location TBC], which will act as “Smallville,” and will film for about 40 days for four scenes: [HOMECOMING], [FUTURE DISCUSSION], [SHIP DISCOVERY] and [FUNERAL].

    * Filming will then move to [Location TBC] where the majority of filming takes place. Shooting here will last mid-September until early January 2012.

    * Filming will then move to the European and Asian continents as well as the Middle East for minor shoots from Jan. 5 to mid-February 2012.

    * Filming will then move to a UK Studio until late April 2012 for interior shoots and set shoots before entering post-production on May 1.

Well, it looks realistic and makes perfect sense, if you ask me. If Warner Bros. is aiming for a December 2012 release, then this would be enough with time to shoot the entire movie. But even though it looks like a possible and potential timeline for the movie production, it will stay a rumor until Warner Bros. confirms it.

But if the production schedule is right, then we should expect to have some casting news during the next few months if they really are going to start production in August.

Stay tuned for more information about the “Superman” reboot. In the meantime, discuss and leave your comments at right. Does this “schedule” look real and possible to you?

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  1. Ben #

    To clarify, Milan didn’t “drop” the production in favour of 100% focus on TDKR, he “mentored” the production thru to finding the crew to continue his vision. Once he found Zack Snyder and his team and got them on the same page as him then he could leave it in their hands. Which was his plan from the beginning.

  2. Ben #

    REM “Milan” = Nolan. Damn predictive text. 🙁

  3. Ben #

    Agh! REM = Erm.

  4. moviefan #

    Ya nolan was never going to be fully hands on anyway with batman shooting around same time. I am sure he probably will visit se once or twice and maybe have some say in certain things. But snyder probably will say more. As for this rumored production time table it fits what we know about the film and would need the time for to fit winter 2012 release.

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