What’s Next For Tom Welling?


“Smallville” ended and now I’m a tad depressed. Ten years of my life was spent watching and enjoying the amazing comic-book series and on Friday the 13th the saga of one Clark Kent drew to an uplifting conclusion. What could possibly replace such an amazing successful show? As of now the answer is, nothing. Sure other attempts will be made, but looking at NBC’s take on Wonder Woman, it may be awhile before anything will be at the same level of “Smallville.”

Tom Welling impressed many with his portrayal of Kal-el/Clark Kent. Not only did he capture the Kryptonian’s humility, he also conveyed Clark’s inner struggle with himself as he moved closer to his true destiny. Of course, Welling had plenty of time to perfect the legendary superhero — 10 years in fact. As his skills matured as an actor, so did Clark Kent’s fortitude along his progression to become Superman. So the question is, what will Tom Welling do next?

Last week, What’s Playing reported Marvel Studios was interested in Welling. Although it’s unclear as to what facet, he’s definitely on the radar. I’m all for it. Heck, if he can make DC Comic fans happy, why not share his talent with the competition?

It seems the handsome New York born actor has a penchant for fantasy, too. Before Chris Hemsworth landed the huntsman role in “Snow White and The Huntsman,” Welling tested for the part. Thank goodness he didn’t get it. Being that there are two Snow White films in productions, with “The Brothers Grimm: Snow White” version released six months prior, it may not be successful.

The most interesting rumor has to be the Allan Quatermain reboot. As of last March, Sam Worthington was attached to star and produce the Indiana Jones-like space adventure. Now it appears that Worthington is no longer linked to the project and co-producer Alfred Gough, who was an executive producer on Smallville from 2001-08, is looking toward Welling. Depending on the script and director, this could be the perfect endeavor to introduce Welling to a broader audience and make him more of an international star.

If those ventures don’t work out, I’d love to see Tom Welling as a villain. He made a great Bizarro and appeared to have a great time with the role. Besides, playing a baddie would be a great departure from the hero we all know and love, Superman. However, I don’t think he’s edgy enough for a Tarantino flick. Perhaps he can prove me wrong.

What are your thoughts on the subject? What should Tom Welling’s next move be?

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  1. Jackson #

    Community theatre!

  2. Rita #

    Obscurity …

  3. 3

    Don’t know what his next movie should be… but I do think WB should come up with a new TV series either called “Metropolis” or “The Justice League” and get Welling on board for another 10 years!! Next to Christopher Reeves you have Tom Welling.

  4. choole81 #

    I just watched the final smallville n im gutted that that is it, i do hope they will do somethihing to follow it either a superman series or justice league c’mon tom welling get it sorted it will b a success

  5. 5

    I tink tom welling is d best tin dat has ever happened to d wanabrothers, am looking faward to see him play d superman role @ d justice league mortals 2013. Gee…… It will b a hudge success.

  6. Raquela Rebelo #

    I think Tom Welling is best in what he did best ie. Clark Kent /Kalel and he should continue to do so . This series should go on , all the supporting actors and actresses should also be back with a different version of stories and a lot of suspense and action I found Smallville very entertaining and I am sure the kids would love it too

  7. Reo Chatwin #

    I will add that Tom Welling has the ability to play complex characters. In that Marvel Universe, I think he would do well portraying Captain Marvel, who is essentially Marvel’s response to DC’s Superman. And there are just enough differences between the two that make him an awesome main character, rather than just a second-rate knock off.

  8. Amanda Lowrey #

    My family and I own every series of smallville!!! We watch it once a year sometimes twice. It is a way for us to come togeather and enjoy something that we all like. When you watch something for ten years it becomes apart of your life. All of the characters did an excellent job and left the world wanting more!!!! I say the story should go on!!! Life after smallville… The characters in smallville could never be replaced with another character!!!! It wouldn’t be the same, but to go on through each character and be able to watch them evolve in to much more would be the best choice that the producer of “smallville” could make!!! You got us all hooked now we want more!!!!!!

  9. Sarah Moss #

    TOM WELLING is a fantastic actor. I’d like to see Tom in the villain would be fantastic Super, Tom would have the opportunity to demonstrate his skill as an actor!

  10. Alexander Sanchez #

    Tom welling has played this role for ten years watching him become superman was an intisupation now I would hope to see him play the superman that he has become maybe in a justice league, or something challenging..

  11. Rina #

    I hope there’ll be more of Smallville with Clark Kent/Superman flying.

  12. trison #

    He should have been the next SUPERMAN!!!!

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